Dr. Games Bond is all about Serious Games - and that means holding a passion for both education and gaming that can’t be broken. Created in 2019, Dr. Games Bond was started in Chicago, IL to deliver both digital and analog games that can stir an interest in learning and an excitement for play!


The “bond” part

Sam Bond is a biomedical game developer and excitable collaborator, designing, programming, and producing work for biomedical educational games (and yes, that is her actual last name). She is both a Unity Certified Developer and a Certified Medical Illustrator, making her a very rare breed of niche-career goofball. She was named an International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Women in Games Ambassador in 2017, and has been serving on the Chicago chapter of the IGDA board since 2019.

Winning multiple awards for her teaching, Sam is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago with appointments in the Department of Physical Therapy (PT) and the Biomedical Visualization graduate program (BVIS). Within PT, she develops software and game-based learning tools for patients and clinicians. Within BVIS, she teaches graduate courses for aspiring medical interactivity developers on beginner to intermediate programming in C#, advanced web development, Unity game engine development, and virtual and augmented reality design.