A high-intensity interval training timer application for android phones and tablets. The timer records and displays all individual exercises completed and workout routines. The user can select from lists of workouts for each routine, the seconds for work and rest, and the number of circuits for interval/circuit training.

Unlike other Interval Timers, this app also displays the name of the exercise clearly and largely during its part of the circuit to make training as easy and focused as possible.

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The Fungal Jungle: An interactive mold environment

Award Winner: Association of Medical Illustrators, Award of Merit 2016


An interactive set of environments for children from 4th grade to 8th grade to achieve the following:

  • The educational essentials on 3 different types of varying molds
  • A gained interest in biology


Asset development:

  • 3 environments with 4 trees per environment randomly rotated and colored: 12 separated mold trees sculpted and exported as low-polygon models in Pixologic ZBrush with normal and texture mapping 
  • Terrain sculpted and additional assets placed in Unity 3D
  • 2D assets created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Scripting/programming for Unity 3D done in both Javascript and C# 


  • To develop fully-fledged environments, different enough in look and feel to leave the young audience with a vivid memory of each type of mold
  • To design trees and assets with beautiful detail and a low-level polygon count to produce a final, high-detail level and smooth, fast gaming movement

Pablo the Porcupine Fish

E-Learning course using Articulate Storyline and Unity 3D: March 2016

Developed for an audience of 4th to 6th grade students, this short course is designed to engage children in the basics of the porcupine fish and try to instill a passion for the biological sciences through beautiful images and interactivity. 

The course slides were developed with Articulate Storyline. The puffing-interaction slider was developed with Unity 3D and housed in an Articulate web player for Unity with 3D models from Pixologic Zbrush and Autodesk Maya.

Using a wide variety of software, high poly models were developed to create beautiful stills to keep a viewer's attention throughout the course. In contrast for the interactive, spinning slider game where a user can inflate the porcupine fish, low poly models were developed and enhanced with high resolution normal mapping to create a beautifully detailed model with fast interaction. 

Medical Legal Visualization: Interactive Timeline

In the University of Illinois at Chicago Biomedical Visualization medical legal course, students were given the opportunity to work with Chicago lawyers on real time cases, developing tools specific to the benefits of each case's needs.

In the case of this interactive timeline, the juror needed to understand an extremely complex story made up of almost 10 different medical practitioners and their actions over the course of a year. Thought the amount of information is enormous, the timeline condenses the information to be suitable the audience's needs and displays not only the actions that were taken, but emphasizes the moments when there was no action taken at all. 

Project Research Interactivity

With a team of four students in the Biomedical Visualization program, this cleft palate interactive tool was developed to house four animations on cleft palate repair surgery for the parents and caregivers of cleft palate patients. Rather than simply viewing the animations, the users can play games that reinforce information and enhance immediate recall of the information taught by the animation. 

While the user can view these animations and use the interactive tool alone at home, this tool was developed for the use of physicians and clinical staff of the University of Illinois at Chicago Craniofacial Center staff to connect with and educate their patients and patient caregivers.