vax bracket

We’ll say it for the people in the back.

Vaccinations are important.
Herd immunity matters.

Though this topic is commonly misunderstood, Vax Bracket uses competition and fun to teach the broad concepts of vaccines, immunity, and disease spread with a cut-throat, competitive flair! 

The card game last only a quick 20-30 minutes for up to 5 players ages 10 and up!

Game objective

Your community is at stake! Protect your community by vaccinating against disease and attack your opposing communities with disease before they do the same.

Learning goals

  • Immunocompromised citizens cannot be vaccinated, and must instead rely on protection by herd immunity, in which the other members of a population are vaccinated against a disease. This primary, most important learning goal is highlighted by both the win and lose states of the game.

  • Vaccines are not an injection of the real disease, but a weakened version of the disease called an antigen. Your immune cells learn to protect you by facing these antigens!

  • New strains happen, and can require a citizen to get new immunizations.

  • People can be immunocompromised for a number of different reasons.

Population cards


These cards represent the citizens of your community. Like in real life, some have healthy immune systems and need their vaccinations. However, some citizens are Immunocompromised – and they can’t be vaccinated due to illness, age, or meds. Your community will always have 4 healthy citizens and one immunocompromised citizen. These are chosen by each player by preference at the beginning of the game

Each citizen card is totally unique. Each immunocompromised citizen card features a unique reason for being immunocompromised - an important secondary learning goal.

Because they can’t be vaccinated themselves, it’s vital to protect your immunocompromised citizen by vaccinating your healthy population!

Play Cards

Each player is dealt a hand of 5 play cards, which can include: vaccine cards, disease cards, and three types of action cards.


A player can win the game in one of two ways: 

1. The safest world 

Every healthy member of your community has been vaccinated. 

2. The strongest world 

All other players have been eliminated by letting their immunocompromised citizen become diseased. 

how do i get it?

Want a copy of Vax Bracket for your home or classroom? We’re looking for more playtesters before beginning our official Kickstarter campaign!